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Prevent Hair Loss With This Item And Regrow Hair And Eyebrows Too!

By now you must have heard of the health benefits of the castor oil – the bets natural treatment for hair and skin issues.

This oil is rich in vitamin E, is antifungal and antibacterial too. Since it has omega 9 fat acids it also keeps follicles nourished and stimulates hair growth, eyelash growth and eyebrows’ too.

Also, this oil has triglycerides from unsaturated fats and this is why it rejuvenates you. Also, it has ricinoleic acid that removes fungi, infections, microbes and mildew too.

It also lowers inflammation, aids in digestion and keeps intestines healthy.

This oil makes the eyebrows stronger, eyelashes and hair too because of the omega 9 acids. For more hair growth, rub a few drops on the scalp and it will nourish the follicles and pores.

Dr. David Williams said this oil is good for the lymph too, better than lymph meds and with just topical applying.

It is not just good for the hair but for other things like:
  • Less headaches
  • Curing skin issues
  • Prevention to acne, pimples, and skin issues
  • Less sunburn damage
  • Treating gastro issues
  • Prevention to worms
  • Soothing PMS, relaxing muscles and cramps
  • Curing Athlete’s foot
  • Preventing and removing dandruff, fungi and microbe infections in the scalp since it is fungicide, germicide and insecticide.
This pack is a great remedy especially for digestion, IBS, PMS, kidney stones, swollen joints, fibroids and ovary ulcers.

Put a bit of this oil on a gauze layer and apply on skin. To have better effect, put a warm water bottle over this pack and leave it for 60 min. repeat 3 times per week.

This oil speeds up growth of eyelashes and eyebrows too. Mix 15 drops garlic, 30 ml castor oil and 20 ml panthenol oil and apply on the eyelashes and eyebrows.

5 natural ways you had no idea could improve your eyesight

Protecting your eyesight as you age involves many of the same commonsense strategies that will help you prevent chronic disease of all kinds. This includes:

Care for your cardiovascular system.

High blood pressure can cause damage to the miniscule blood vessels on your retina, obstructing free blood flow.

One of the primary ways to maintain optimal blood pressure is to avoid fructose. Research by Dr. Richard Johnson, chief of the division of kidney disease and hypertension at the University of Colorado, shows that consuming 74 grams or more per day of fructose (equal to 2.5 sugary drinks) increases your risk of having blood pressure levels of 160/100 mmHg by 77 percent!

Normalize your blood sugar.

Excessive sugar in your blood can pull fluid from the lens of your eye, affecting your ability to focus. And, it can damage the blood vessels in your retina, also obstructing blood flow. To keep your blood sugar in a healthy range, follow my comprehensive nutrition guidelines, exercise and avoid excess sugar, especially fructose.

Eat plenty of fresh dark green leafy vegetables, especially kale.

Studies have shown that a diet rich in dark leafy greens helps support eye health, and those with the highest consumption of carotenoid-rich vegetables, especially ones rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, had increased vision health.

Get plenty of healthy animal-based omega-3 fat. A study published in the August 2001 issue of Archives of Ophthalmology found that consuming animal-based omega-3 fatty acids was protective of your healthy vision. Unfortunately, due to widespread pollution and fish farming, fish is no longer an ideal source for omega-3 fats unless you can verify its purity. My favorite alternative is krill oil.

Avoid trans fats.

A diet high in trans fat appears to contribute to macular degeneration by interfering with omega-3 fats in your body. Trans fat is found in many processed foods and baked goods, including margarine, shortening, fried foods like French fries, fried chicken and doughnuts, cookies, pastries and crackers.

Avoid aspartame.

Vision problems are one of the many potential acute symptoms of aspartame poisoning.

Quit smoking.

Smoking increases free radical production throughout your body, and puts you at risk for less-than-optimal health in many ways, including the risk of decreased vision.

Relaxing Your Mind and Your Eyes Also Crucial to Optimal Vision

Interestingly, your mind may have a significant impact on how well you can see. Research by Harvard University psychologist Ellen Langer and colleagues found that when people were primed to believe they had excellent eyesight, their vision improved. Likewise, when participants were told their eyesight would improve with practice, it did. The same occurred when people adopted a “try and you will succeed” mindset — they tried, and their vision successfully improved.

Your thoughts can influence how well you see in part because your mind is the source of much of the stress from outside sources brought to bear upon your eyes.

Every thought of effort in your mind, of whatever sort, transmits a motor impulse to your eye, and every such impulse causes a deviation from the normal in the shape of your eyeball and lessens your foveal sensitivity.

Therefore, if you want to have ideal vision you must minimize stress in your mind. Mental strain of any kind always produces conscious or unconscious eyestrain and if the strain takes the form of an effort to see, an error of refraction is always produced. So while you cannot “make” yourself see, by learning to control your thoughts you can accomplish that end indirectly.

How Relaxation Helps You See

When a disturbing thought is replaced by one that relaxes, your squint disappears, the double vision and the errors of refraction are corrected and this is as true of abnormalities of long standing as of those produced voluntarily. In a fraction of a second the highest degrees of refractive error may be corrected, a squint may disappear, or the blindness of amblyopia may be relieved. If the relaxation is only momentary, the correction is momentary. When it becomes permanent, the correction is permanent.

This relaxation cannot, however, be obtained by any sort of effort. It is fundamental that you understand this; for so long as you think, consciously or unconsciously, that relief from strain may be obtained by another strain your improvement will be delayed.

That is why RELAXING your eyes and addressing the stressors that contribute to the stress are the keys to help you recover your vision. You can read more about this system to restore your vision naturally, which I personally used successfully to regain my own vision without the use of glasses or contacts, here.

The program noted above takes time and dedication, but you can combine it with the Eyeport System — a patented, clinically proven, and FDA-cleared vision training system, which helps improve your vision fitness and relieve your visual stress in a far shorter time, about 10 minutes a day. Now, this is not a quick fix if you have a serious visual dysfunction, but it is a pretty amazing solution for relieving daily eye stress. Remember, though, you should always check with your vision specialist prior to any vision therapy.

Temporary conditions may contribute to the strain to see that result in poor eyesight, but its foundation lies in wrong habits of thought.

Very seldom is the impairment or destruction of vision due to any fault in the construction of your eye. Of two equally good pairs of eyes, one will retain perfect sight to the end of life, and the other will lose it in kindergarten simply because one looks at things without effort and the other does not.
So in addition to improving the nutrients and antioxidants your central nervous system and eye receive by focusing on high-quality nutrition, as discussed above, you can also support eyesight by optimizing blood flow through relaxation and controlling your thoughts. Mental strain may produce many different kinds of eyestrain, but there is only one solution for all of them, namely, relaxation.


People are willing to do anything in order to lose weight, including strict and unhealthy diets or other weird methods. According to Dr. Susan Burke March, the author of Making Weight Control Second Nature: Living Thin Naturally, all diets work as you’re essentially restricting your food intake.

However, this doesn’t mean that they’re healthy – they are actually very dangerous for your health. But, what if we told you that there is a diet that is different and actually works?

Apples are a healthy fruit that can improve your digestion and contains numerous essential nutrients vital for your health. Besides improving your digestion, apples can also strengthen your immune system and prevent cancer. They are rich in vitamins A, B and C as well as organic acids such as citric, formic and carbonic acids. Apples also contain pectin, a rare fiber which can regulate your intestinal flora and help you lose weight.

The diet also includes consuming organic eggs. Eating eggs will help you feel full for longer due to their nutrient density and low calories. The claims that you must limit your egg consumption to just a few a week aren’t true – according to the Food Standards Agency, you can safely eat as many eggs a week as you like.

Here’s the diet plan:

Days 1-3
Breakfast: 2 apples and 1 boiled egg
Lunch: 2 apples and 1 boiled egg
Dinner: 1 boiled egg

Days 4-7
Breakfast: 2 apples and 1 boiled egg
Lunch: 2 apples, 1 boiled egg and a handful of almonds
Dinner: 1 boiled egg

During the diet, you should avoid sugar and salt completely and drink only water or tea. We recommend drinking at least 1 liter of water per day for best results.

Your 2017 Horoscope is Here, It is Said To Be So Accurate, It’s SCARY!

With a new year coming up, it’s time to think about what the future holds! And though many people don’t put stock into horoscopes and astrology, sometimes, those kooky predictions can be surprisingly spot on.

1. ARIES (MARCH 21 – APRIL 19)

2017 for the Aries will be a period of fun and adventure. This might be a good time to start a new business. Do not forget to go for vacations with your loved ones in 2017. Health can be excellent if you are regular in your exercise workouts. Love life will be blissful for the Rams provided you do not make promises that you cannot keep.

2. TAURUS (APRIL 20 – MAY 20)

The 2017 horoscope prediction for the Taurus star sign forecasts a harmonious and peaceful year for the bulls. Spiritually you will be inclined towards finding your inner peace. And do not let your fears spoil your well being. Love affairs have chances of becoming permanent. Married couples can plan for a baby. A healthy diet is a must if do not wish to fall sick.

3. GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 20)

2017 is a year of major changes for the Gemini sun sign. Do not let your hyperactivity spoil your happiness this year. Be it career or finance, think long term before planning anything drastic. Your psychic abilities too might improve in 2017 which help you understand your life better. The sun sign 2017 forecasts suggest that this might be the year when you find your right partner.

4. CANCER (JUNE 21 – JULY 22)

2017 is a year of difficult choices for the Cancerians. Be prepared for change in many aspects of your life. Do not go about splurging money on expensive stuff that you don’t need. Your partner might need your help in overcoming their fears. Health and relationships for the Crabs will need a lot of hard work in order to be stable.

5. LEO (JULY 23 – AUGUST 22)

The 2017 horoscope prediction for the Leo sun sign predicts a fabulous year. You will be blessed with good luck and happiness. Don’t keep waiting for the right moment in your job or relationships. Just enjoy the journey and learn as you go along. You never know, you might even win that lucky lottery that you have been buying for so many years!


2017 for Virgo will need to be dealt with in a diplomatic way. Some old decisions might create problems if you don’t handle them the right way. This is the right time to let go of relationships that haven’t been working out. And do not let stress get the better of you.


The 2017 Libra horoscope predictions forecast that this will be your year of discovery and innovations. Let your creative side come to the forefront. Express your ideas to other so that they can understand your dreams better. You will be a leading example for everyone around you. And do not forget to spend quality time with your family and loved ones.


2017 year horoscope predictions for Scorpio astrology sign foretell that this year you are in a hurry to put your past behind. You will take the initiative to make your goals and targets work out for you. Love affairs will be many but only few will be serious. Eat healthily if you wish to be physically and emotionally fit.


Sagittarius zodiac in 2017 will have the enthusiasm and will power to move ahead with a firm mind. Your social life will be amazing. Career and business projects will be challenging but profitable. Skin allergies will need to be taken care of. Sex and romance will be at all time high for the Archers in 2017.


The 2017 astrology predictions for the Capricorn zodiac sign forecast year of peace and harmony. Though you have a reputation of being practical, in 2017 the sea goats will see an innovative side to their personality. Love and romance too will be an important part of your life. This is a good year to get married.


Astrology 2017 for the Aquarius predicts a year of excellent and positive opportunities. Be it love or career you will flourish in anything you put your heart to. Work will be plentiful and so will the remuneration. The pregnancy horoscope 2017 forecasts birth of a child for the Water Bearers in 2017.


The birthday horoscope 2017 predicts that the Pisces sun sign people will be able to look at life in a positive and calm manner. This cool demeanor will be the secret to their success in personal and professional life. The career prediction 2017 by date of birth warns you not to let your dreams and illusions stop you from achieving your goals. Fulfill all your projects with utmost sincerity and integrity.

The Little Red Berry that Mexicans Use to Fight Cancer and Inflammation

There are two kinds of people in this world: One grew up eating aratilis and the other don’t know what in the world that they are. If you belong in the latter category, you are in for a treat. Meet the little berry that contains four incredible health benefits that will convince you to look for this fruit the next time you go shopping.


It is a type of little red berry that grows in only a few parts of the world such as Philippines, Asia, Caribbean and Mexico. Aratilis is the Filipino name but it is also known as Jamaica cherry, Panama berry, saresa, Singapore tree, capulin, strawberry tree and Muntingia calabura. They don’t require much attention just some water and sun. They are a fast growing berries that within two years become three meter high.
Aratilis is usually eaten raw as the other fruits. Its fruit is used for jams while the leaves are used for tea. In Brazil, fishermen usually plant Aratilis along the river banks in order to attract the fish.


The body has natural methods to distil and expel foreign bacteria, but sometimes it needs help from outside sources, like foods. When you feel a cold coming on, you are recovering from a virus, or your immune system is low for any reason, aratilis is a great fruit to try. Its antibacterial properties are astounding, like antibiotics in a berry.


Aratilis is rich in flavanone compounds. Researchers have found that eating foods rich in this compound helps the development and proper function of the brain. Consuming this berry regularly with similarly beneficial foods can help those who are experiencing a mild cognitive impairment, or those with a neurodegenerative disease.


Inflammation is a widespread condition that can affect any part of the body. Eating aratilis fruits can counter this unhealthy ailment and reduce swelling.


Aratilis is rich in cytotoxic flavonoids that successfully fight cancer. Not only it is delicious but aratilis’ leaves and stems can prevent certain cancers.
Although most of the healing properties of aratilis are well-known, the scientists tend to rediscover some more. For that reason, it is subjected to some deeper analysis that will take time to be finished.

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Say Goodbye To Breast Cysts Using This Natural Remedy

Breast cysts are benign lumps or sacks filled with fluid as opposed to those full of benign or malignant cancerous cells. They can appear as single or multiple cysts in one or both breasts and are more common in women aged 30 to 60.

The main risk factor for development of cysts is hormones because they are particularly common in pre-menopausal women and postmenopausal women on hormone replacement therapy. Other factors include vitamin D deficiency as well as excessive intake of caffeinated beverages or alcohol.

If a cyst is causing you a lot of worry, you may have it drained, but be cautious that even drained cysts can fill up again. Another conventional treatment includes surgical removal, which is the most aggressive form.

Last, but not least, you can choose to treat this condition with natural remedies, which have proved quite effective with a lot of women.

Some of the most effective natural methods to treat breast cysts include:

1# Wheat juice

-ice cube container
-fresh green wheat leaves


Grind well a bunch of fresh green wheat leaves so as to extract their juice. Pour the juice in ice cube containers and freeze it. Put one cube in a glass of water and drink every morning for about 3 months.

This remedy is extremely effective in breast cyst removal because green wheat is abundant in amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. Plus, it has also proved beneficial for the removal of ovary and kidney cysts.

2# Mixed Tea



Mix all ingredients in water and cook until it boils. This remedy may take about 6 months to give results, but it’s highly effective. For one thing, the plants in this recipe boost your immune system, reduce inflammation and prevent tumor growth. It’s recommended to consume 1l on regular daily basis for a minimum of 6 months. It’s also important to eat a healthy, balanced diet during the treatment. Staying away from alcohol and dairy products is also recommended. To fortify this remedy, add a few drops of sage, yarrow, mistletoe and lemon balm. This will calm your body by reducing stress and tension.

3# Houseleek

This common house plant has a wide array of health benefits. It can help in treatment of a number of diseases, including breast, kidney and ovary cysts.

-300gr houseleek leaves
-300gr natural honey


Wash the houseleek leaves thoroughly then grind them until well-blended. Mix this paste 300gr organic honey. Mix well then store in a glass jar. Keep in a fridge for a week stirring every now and then. Take 1 teaspoon of this mixture, three times a day – before breakfast, before lunch and before bedtime.

7 Things That Will Happen When You Start Doing Planks Every Day

Planking is one of the most effective exercises for the whole body and for full body strength. The more you train the stronger your core will become.  A plank a day will result in very good core strength, as well as arms, back and leg strength.

These are the benefits of planking
Strengthened core
  • One movement, the core, engages all your major groups of core muscles.  These are the external oblique muscle, the transverse abdomens, rectus abdomens and the gluts.
  • By using your gluts you will get strong and well-shaped buttocks.
  • Strong oblique muscles will give you better capacity for side bends and waist twists.
  • Your six pack will become clearer.
  • Upper body strength improves allowing you to lift heavy weights.
Strengthened spine and back

Your back muscles will strengthen without putting pressure on your hips or spine.  Back pain gets reduce and your back gets support.


A plank makes you stretch out. You will see that your standing posture becomes more stable and straight as your stronger abs muscles have an effect on your back, neck, shoulders and chest.


Side planks will improve your balance while strengthening your abdominal muscles. They will also increase your overall flexibility and movement, and you will find standing on one leg or doing yoga poses will become easy.

Better Metabolism

Your body burns energy when you plank.  This metabolic rate will remain high during the day if you plank daily and regularly.


You stretch your body when doing plank, in particular you open up your shoulders and shoulder blades.  Your hamstrings are stretched, as well as your toes, fingers and collar bone too.  Side planks work the oblique muscles, stretching toes and ankles.  Your arm strength will improve daily.


Any exercise lifts the mood.  During the plank the muscles that contribute to stress, tension and anxiety get a good stretching.  Your brain will become calmer, especially if this is done on a daily basis.
Plank. You will not only look marvelous but you will feel marvelous too.


Although it sounds quite weird, but if you want to avoid the appearance of wrinkles you should stop laughing. Still, we have better solution: you don’t have to suppress your emotions as there is natural way to stop the appearance of wrinkles and even erase them from your face.

As a matter of fact, natural cosmetic treatments are significantly better option than the conventional. We recommend you to try this remarkable face mask that has amazing lifting effect. It will help you to prevent wrinkles and in same time to erase them.

Below we are going to present you the recipe for anti – wrinkles homemade face mask which undoubtedly is the best natural solution which is will help you to get rid of the aging signs.

Namely, this perfect combination of natural ingredients will tighten, nourish and hydrate sagged skin and in same time will provide you more youthful and healthy look. It is very easy to prepare it, but the best part is that is very cheap.

After the treatment, your face will be grateful.

Needed ingredients:

1 egg white (from medium size egg)
½ teaspoon lemon juice

First of all separate the egg white from the egg yolk. After that put the egg white in a bowl, and beat until foaming. Then, add the lemon juice. You should continue with beating for a few minutes until you get nice, homogeneous mixture.


First step is to clean well your face. Also, don’t forget the neck.

After that, with the help of your fingertips, take of the mixture, and apply the mask with gentle, circular movements. After a while you will notice that the mask dries.

You should leave the mask to act about 5 – 10 minutes and then remove it with warm or cold water, by your choice. After the treatment, apply moisturizer.

In order to achieve best results it is recommended to repeat this treatment at least 3 or 4 times weekly.

You will be amazed by the results!

If you want to look younger, you should relax and avoid anything that causes you stress. You should be surrounded with people that have positive energy. You should never stop laughing. Consume healthy food, that is fresh and organic, and also drink plenty of water. Sleep is essential, so try to sleep uninterruptedly at least 7 – 8 hours during the night.

Remove Your Kidney Stones In Only 3 Days With This Traditional Remedy Used 300 Years Ago

Kidney stones cause pain which can appear in the lower part of the abdomen and the groins, in the back and under the ribs.

Besides that, the patients urinate too often and their urine has a strong smell and is with changed color. They also feel sickness.
Kidney stones are crystal aggregations of minerals diluted in the urine which normally form in the kidneys or the urinary bladder and they can cause a very strong pain when they pass through it.
One of the most effective natural remedies for this problem which is used for more than 300 years is the mixture made of olive oil and lemon juice.

All you have to do is mix 0,25 ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice with the same quantity of olive oil. Drink this mixture and after that, drink a greater quantity of water.
Drink the mixture for 2 or 3 times throughout the day, until the kidney stone is removed from the kidneys. You usually need from 1 to 3 days to acquire that.

Consume Just 2 Tablespoons of This Mixture Daily and Melt 1 Cm of Stomach Fat! [RECIPE]

Read this article carefully and find out how to prepare one amazing mixture made of only natural ingredients that can help you to lose belly fat fast and effective. Beside melting fat and eliminating excess water, this powerful mixture is beneficial for your improving memory, vision and hearing.

You will just need to take 2 tablespoons of this mixture daily, for a period of at least two weeks and you will achieve the following results:
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Fight insomnia
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve digestion
  • Relieve gastric hyperacidity
  • Relieve fluid retention
  • Boost metabolism
  • Increase libido
  • Facilitate sweating
  • Protect the throat and vocal cords
  • Prevent cellular aging of the skin
You will need:
  • 4 lemons
  • 2 cm fresh ginger
  • 2 tablespoons cinnamon
  • 3 tablespoons honey
  • ¼ cup of cold water
Squeeze the lemons and add the lemon juice in blender together with other ingredients. Mix everything for at least 3 minutes.


Keep the mixture into glass jar and consume at least 1 teaspoon, twice a day, before meals. Repeat the procedure for at least 2 weeks and then take a 2 weeks break, then repeat. Keep the mixture in cold places or in refrigerator.

The ingredients in this mixture are very beneficial and have beneficial effects on your body and brain. This mixture can improve digestion, lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, slow down aging processes etc. This mixture has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects and will eliminate all harmful toxins from your body.

Share this article with your family and friends and help them too.