Wednesday, December 28, 2016

7 Things That Will Happen When You Start Doing Planks Every Day

Planking is one of the most effective exercises for the whole body and for full body strength. The more you train the stronger your core will become.  A plank a day will result in very good core strength, as well as arms, back and leg strength.

These are the benefits of planking
Strengthened core
  • One movement, the core, engages all your major groups of core muscles.  These are the external oblique muscle, the transverse abdomens, rectus abdomens and the gluts.
  • By using your gluts you will get strong and well-shaped buttocks.
  • Strong oblique muscles will give you better capacity for side bends and waist twists.
  • Your six pack will become clearer.
  • Upper body strength improves allowing you to lift heavy weights.
Strengthened spine and back

Your back muscles will strengthen without putting pressure on your hips or spine.  Back pain gets reduce and your back gets support.


A plank makes you stretch out. You will see that your standing posture becomes more stable and straight as your stronger abs muscles have an effect on your back, neck, shoulders and chest.


Side planks will improve your balance while strengthening your abdominal muscles. They will also increase your overall flexibility and movement, and you will find standing on one leg or doing yoga poses will become easy.

Better Metabolism

Your body burns energy when you plank.  This metabolic rate will remain high during the day if you plank daily and regularly.


You stretch your body when doing plank, in particular you open up your shoulders and shoulder blades.  Your hamstrings are stretched, as well as your toes, fingers and collar bone too.  Side planks work the oblique muscles, stretching toes and ankles.  Your arm strength will improve daily.


Any exercise lifts the mood.  During the plank the muscles that contribute to stress, tension and anxiety get a good stretching.  Your brain will become calmer, especially if this is done on a daily basis.
Plank. You will not only look marvelous but you will feel marvelous too.

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